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A two player competitive game where babies try to outcry each other to gain their mother's attention.


You need a PC (coming up next on DOS platforms: Linux and Mac) and two Xbox controllers. In these two player versus game you control a sheep and a clown. Move the sheep around using the left joystick gathering cry onomatopoeia. Gathering the onomatopoeia makes your sheep bigger. Deliver the onomatopoeia to the baby's basket to make him cry for the mother's attention. Use the left trigger to do a small dash. You can also move up and down a clown (using the right joystick) that shoots bread (right trigger) to decrease the size and loudness of the next cry. The baby that has cried the most when the time ends wins. You can also when by gaining the mother's full attention (when she gets to the baby's position).


Maximiliano Valentín López, Jaime Elías Mochán Quesnel, Benjamín Mitl Martínez Guerrero, Mariana Zazhil Martínez Campos, David Zuratzi Martínez Huerta, Felipe Ortiz Ugalde, Gustavo Abraham Doncel de la Torre

Special thanks:

Special thanks to Chef Diana López del Río for providing us with great food during these lasting hours. David "Zhade" Zuratzi wishes to thank her lovely Bruma for her rough tongue and her furriness. In loving memory of Ana.


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